Claude Monet’s palette at the Musee Marmottan, Paris.

There were many mushrooms that I saw hiking through the Pennsylvania wilds. Many. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Boletes (Tube-pored capped mushrooms). Here’s a few that I chose to identify.
This is quickly becoming a mushroom Tumblr. Oh well. I might as well call myself an amateur mycologist.


Hello, friends! If you are able, please consider contributing to this fundraiser to assist with my mother’s cancer treatment!
As some of you are already aware, my mother (that’s her in the picture!) has spent the last few years struggling with cancer. She has now had several surgeries and has been through chemotherapy and radiation treatments multiple times. Early this year, she became too ill to work. Since then, my stepfather has been on unpaid leave as her full-time caregiver. Between medical bills, lack of income, and the high cost of maintaining medical insurance, they have spent everything they have. The extended family has been helping out as much as possible, but their pockets aren’t infinitely deep.
Recently, my mother’s doctors in North Carolina determined that they could do nothing more for her. Refusing to give up, she sought a second opinion at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX, and her new doctors are putting her into a clinical trial which could save her life, and which is, essentially, her final option. They would like for her to start within a month’s time.
The clinical trial lasts two years, and in order to participate, my mother must immediately relocate from Raleigh, NC to Houston, TX. My stepfather must find a new job in Houston very quickly in order to keep health insurance from lapsing, and currently he has very few prospects. Their current medical insurance covers treatment costs, but there are many related expenses that are not covered, including relocation expenses, transportation, housing/living expenses, assistance for her at home while my stepdad is working, etc. 
I’ve already given my mom all of the money I can currently spare, and I have been taking time off of work and traveling frequently in order to assist her as needed and to help her prepare for her relocation. 
Anything you can do to help will be deeply appreciated. Even $1 helps. And if you can give only a reblog, that helps, too. Thank you in advance!

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